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Following is a list of some of our clients:

  • Banca d’Italia;
  • Price Water House Cooper, Consultancy in the environment of training and feasibility studies;
  • Ericsson Italia: Software development and project management for WIND Italy;
  • Assembly Data System: Development and consultancy on systems for monitoring of Network Elements for WIND;
  • Altran Italia S.p.A: Software development Project Management for Telecom Italia;
  • Sani Coorporate: Software development for the recognition of images and patterns;
  • Società Ambiente Frosinone (SAF S.p.A): Provision of tecnica service, software development, IT and consultancy;
  • Consorzio Anci:Specialised training courses;
  • Tecnologia e Sicurezza:Development of web applications for the management of franchising and distance learning;
  • Federsicurezza:Developed a platform for the management and control of FAD courses;
  • Klopman International (seat of Frosinone): ECDL Training courses;
  • Terasystem S.p.A: Project management for NATO (in Bagnoli Naples) Project management and software development for Telecom Italia;
  • BSC S.p.A: Software development and project management for Postel (Part of the Italian Postal service);
  • OpenWave: Project management for Telecom Italia;
  • Prodige S.p.a: Development and programming of a prepaid debit card.