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Computer Vision

The great power of computers which are currently present in the market, with the capacity to acquire and  elaborate large amounts of information in  the quickest  possible way that man can, have favoured the development of applications in the Computer Vision field.

This science is used in different ways for example in the automation of industrial processes, in military and aeronautical applications, structural engineering, surveillance and more generally for monitoring and controlling of situations in which the other types of sensors are not sufficient and effective.

This was the basis for developing applications in the Computer Vision field.


The applications developed by our team allow users to carry out precise postural exams that can be elaborated, filed and recalled up producing precise, instant results which are , repeatable and above all are non invasive.

The foot has become the organ of anti gravity control in such a way that it is able to transform the force of gravity, instable element into an efficient mechanism of stability in the erect stationary position and in de ambulation. (Villani)

Web App Per ANDROID e iOS

The use of web mobile applications and access to the net on Mobile has overtaken the most traditional web consumption according to reliable sources:

  • The mobile internet represents almost 10% of total world use of the net ( more than doubled in the last 18 months);
  • In 4 billion of mobile phone in the word, more then 1 billion are smartphone;
  • Apple and Android represent more than 75% of the smartphone market;
  • Over 300,000 applications have been developed in the last 3 years.

Timesys pays attention to the rapid changes in modern society promotes and develops web applications and tools .which are indispensible and innovative for companies that need to communicate in a interesting, rapid and effective way with their target market or within their organizations.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Timesys is an official partner of Pentaho, the most popular Open source suite of Business Intelligence and is widely used by organizations of all sizes that take care of their business and determine the saving of time, money and resources.
All the functions you could ask for in a Business Intelligence Product ready to click with Pentaho including query, reports integration of data/ETL interactive analysis, dashboard mining, with the great advantage of open source software which in the Community version is totally free.

Monitoring Systems in the Telecommunications Field

Service Host Application Data Obtain Watcher (Shadow) : Better control and reduced inactivity given to the sinergy between Shadow and Nagios. The data collected by Nagios is relative to the monitoring of the whole IT infrastructure and is conveyed to the Shadow monitoring system, an advanced reports platform invented and realized by Timesys.
With Shadow it is possible to:

  • Configure clusters of the net;
  • Consult the dashboard on the global availability of each system and IT net host (Verification of SLO goal);
  • Consult interactive report on the real and effective availability;
  • Consult the interactive report for the analysis of the platform metrics (CPU load, Memory usage, Disk operations IOPS, Disk Busy %, Network Throughput and Real Storm Availability.