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Automate traceability goods

Today more than ever, in the chain of movement of goods, it becomes necessary to ensure the provenance and authenticity of the product.

LoGenius information is the key element of its success.

RFID system

By exploiting the potential of RFID technology, LoGenius guarantees the traceability of the park goods (pallets, containers, boxes ...)

The product is applied to a suitable RFID tag in which, through appropriate systems, are inserted all the details of interest.

LoGenius, detects the information contained in RFID tags and stores them in an appropriate database, distinguishing the goods coming from those leaving the warehouse.

 monitoring system

The warehouse staff, managers, recipients of goods ... everyone will have real-time visibility into the status and position of products! Wherever there is grim, with a simple internet connection and a web browser, you will have access to LoGenius moment and all the information you need will be just a click away!

Next to the customer management module, the module warehouse management enables total traceability of products entering and leaving the warehouse. In addition, you have the possibility to check in real time the status and location of all the goods!



  • Visibility of real-time applications;
  • Effective traceability of the product;
  • Better use of resources;
  • Greater efficiency in the management of business (greater speed in the preparation of shipments and dynamic picking).


  • Decrease in the time spent in the control, storage and withdrawal of the goods;
  • Reduction of inventories;
  • Reduce travel of materials;
  • Reduction on average by 80% the likelihood of theft and fraud.

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