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Services Hosts Applications Data Obtained Watcher (SHADOW)

Advanced reporting platform able to provide a comprehensive, effective and customizable entire network infrastructure.

Arises from the need to conduct a detailed, clear and easy on the status of each host on the network. The data to be analyzed are obtained through a crowdsourcing approach: in other words, depending on the survey to be conducted, the analyzed data may be provided by one or more sources.

Leveraging the power of Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence suite, Shadow supports the user in a more detailed, especially configured according to specific needs, through the development of reports and dashboards prepared ad hoc.


  • Configuring clusters and network policies of propagation;
  • Consultation sull'availability global dashboards of each system in the IT network using the detailed each host (check SLO Goal);
  • Consultation reports sull'availability interactive real and effective;
  • Consultation interactive reports for analysis of metrics platform (CPU load, Memory Usage, Disk IOPS operations ...).


  • Abatement operating costs: no cost of license;
  • Analysis configurable parameters according to actual needs;
  • possible approach Crowdsourcing for the management of the analysis;
  • Management of large amounts of data. Multidimensional analysis of the network infrastructure without interfering with other applications;
  • Availability of customizable advanced reporting (reports, dashboards).

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